Midweek Series 2023 - Prize Winners & Report

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Midweek Series 2023 - Prize Winners & Report

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Midweek Series 2023 – Prize Winners and Report

Overall – 1. Ben Kinninmonth (Fife AC) 796 pts 2. Ben Hukins v40 (PH Racing) 785 pts 3. Adam Hart (Dundee Road Runners) 784 pts.
MSenior – 1. James Barnet (Dundee RR) 778 pts 2. Jonathan Millar (Carnegie) 762 pts 3. Bryan McLaren (Leven LV) 735 pts.
V40 – 1. Tom Rainey (Anster Haddies) 769 pts 2. Paul Harkins (Fife AC) 718 pts 3. Christian Harding (Fife AC) 697 pts.
V50 – 1. Iain Wallace (PH Racing) 750 pts 2. Jim Morton (Dundee RR) 733 pts 3. Will Gage (Anster Haddies) 693 pts.
V60 – Malcolm Forbes (Dundee RR) 698 pts
V70 – Allan Gibson (Anster Haddies) 635 pts

Overall – 1. Rhona van Rensberg v50 (Fife AC) 800 pts 2. Hannah Tippetts (Dundee RR) 787 pts 3. Fiona Callaghan (Dundee RR) 778 pts.
FSenior – Fiona Canavan (Dundee RR) 768 pts 2. Jennifer Massie (Dundee RR) 766 pts
V40 – n/a
V50 – Pamela Cruickshanks (Anster Haddies) 752 pts 2. Sandra Gardener (Falkland TR) 702 pts
V60 – Hilary Ritchie (Fife AC) 758 pts


Prior to the 5th and final race, 35 competitors were, on paper, still in contention for an overall prize; 10 of whom had already completed their 4 races. However, would they rest on their laurels and hope they had enough points in the bank? As it transpired only v50 Pamela didn’t run due to injury and of the remaining 25, seven didn’t make it to the start line.
Amongst the men, a thrilling last race finish at Balmullo saw Ben Kinninmonth (Fife) just ‘nose’ ahead of clubmate Patrick O’Hare to win both the race and the Series. Ben Hukins (PH Racing) finished (for him) a distant 14th but his earlier good form in winning races 2 & 3 (Strath and Tarvit) was just enough to hold off by a solitary point, a strong finish from Adam Hart (DRR).
In the Senior Men category, DRR were again to the fore having 6 runners in the top 12 at Balmullo but overall, it was the consistant James Barnet who came out on top well ahead of Jonathan Millar (Carnegie) and Bryan McLaren (Leven LV). Tom Rainey (Haddies) completed all 5 races but having discounted his worst performance at Tarvit deservedly topped the V40 division ahead of Fife AC duo of Paul Harkins and Christian Harding. The v50 title went to Iain Wallace (PH Racing) in front of 5 race finisher Jim Morton (DRR) and Will Gage (Haddies). Even before Balmullo, Malcolm Forbes (DRR) was the sole v60 survivor. His taste (thirst) for yet another bottle of wine obviously attracted him to the last race. However, it was not to be! ‘Interloper’, Andy Gallagher (Strathearn) took the race prize. Five race finisher Allan Gibson (Haddies) was helped to the v70 prize by the non appearance of the injured Bill Gillan; the old adage, ‘in it to win it springs to mind. Finally, 16 year old Thomas Robertson (Fife) won the u20 award and in doing so completed all 5 races before going off to join the Royal Navy.

Turning to the ladies, Rhona van Rensberg (v50) showed everyone a clean pair of heels winning overall with a 100% record over 4 races to finish ahead of Dundee Road Runners, Hannah Tippets and Fiona Callaghan. Their teammates Fiona Canavan and Jennifer Massie took the Senior Women category prizes, Fiona winning by a mere two points. Unfortunately there was sparse overall participation in the remaining categories – nil v40 (Louise Lessels, Falkland TR why did you miss Balmullo?), only 2 v50 and 1v70. Pamela Cruickshanks (Haddies) accumulated her points over the first 4 races to stay ahead of 5 race finisher Sandra Gardener (Falkland TR). Yet another ‘5 racer’, Hilary Ritchie won the v60 category and also took away wine bottle number 5!

Thanks to all who took part in the Series whether in only one race, all five or somewhere in between. Last year’s event was the first after the Covid disruption and more runners participated this year. Hopefully this upward trend will continue. A new challenging venue for the opening race was found at the Dukes Golf Course and feedback proved positive. The field of 103 runners at the last race (Balmullo) was enhanced by a plethora of Dundee Road Runners who used it as part of their ‘grand-prix’. Refreshments and prize giving in Burnside Hall certainly created a welcome “buzz”.
Thanks must also go to the volunteers who helped throughout whether just once or on multiple occasions and also to Gary B and his team of Wizards for setting up Race 4 in Kirkcaldy.

Facts FYI.

Total number of finishers – 411.

Comprising of:

Males – 259 of which 166 were SA members, 93 non SA
Females - 152 of which 76 were SA members, 76 non SA

Number of different runners who finished at least once – 180

Hope to see you all again next year and spread the word about this great, wee, informal series among your chums. Grand to add to your training schedule where tapering shouldn’t have to be applied!
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