Ravenscraig 1 mile results

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Ravenscraig 1 mile results

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On another fine evening for racing it was a repeat of the previous race at the front between Jamie Lessels and Ben Kinninmonth with the same outcome.

1.Ben Kinninmonth FAC MS 4.41
2. Jamie Lessels FAC MS 4.42
3.Thomas Macaskill MS Teviotdale 4.43
4.Jamie Grieg FAC MS 4.44
5.Aaron Bennet PH Racing MS 4.50
6.Glen Barclay FAC MS 4.52
7.Alan McGowan PH M40 5.16
8.Gary Pirie PH M50 5.19
9.Barry Davie Carnegie M40 5.23
10.Andrew Gibson Teviotdale M40 5.26
11.John Thomson FAC V65 5.30
12.Dave Clark FAC M40 5.32
13.Lucas Drozd U/A m40 5.34
14.Des Fitzgerald Pitreavie M50 5.35
15.Corey Lumsden Anster Mjun 5.38
16.Brian McLaren LLV MS 5.39
17.Oscar Burgess Anster Mjun 5.40
18.Ian Howatt Pitreavie M50 5.41
19.Graham McInnes PH M40 5.44
20.Ryan Campbell Hodge Wiz MS 5.50
21.Nils Krichel Carn MS 5.53
22.Jonathen Miller Carn MS5.54
23.Dave Burgess Anster M50 5.59
24.Cillian Sweeney Dundee Hawk jun 6.00
25.Leanne Calder EAC F40 6.01
26.Thomas Neilson Pit M40 6.02
27.Fearne Jarret Dundee Hawk Fjun 6.04
28.Lucy Ward Perth Strath Fjun 6.09
29.Dave Morton M40 6.11
30.Jack McInnes Pit Mjun 6.16
31.Diane Stewart Pit FS 6.19
32.John Hynd Carn M60 6.20
33.Graham Keddie Wiz M40 6.28
34.Lucas Lafferty FAC Mjun 6.29
35.Lewis Whittingham FAC Mjun 6.37
36.Ian Simmons Wiz M50 6.39
37.Eleanor Murray Wiz FS 6.44
38.Roman Johnston FAC Mjun 6.51
39.Fraser Whittingham FAC Mjun 7.01
40.Francesca Jarret Dundee Hawk Fjun 7.13
41.Alex Jarret FAC M40 7.13
42.Heather Finlayson Wiz F50 7.27
43.Amber Burgess Fjun 9.03
44.Emma Franco Wiz F40 9.03
45.Tracy Chalmers Anster F40 9.04

Many thanks to everyone who helped to pu on this race.Next up 2mile on Kirkcaldy prom 30th June
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