Hartley Relays

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Nigel Hetherington
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Hartley Relays

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Does anyone know anything about this event being held in Perth tomorrow? Apparently it's by club invitation only for Tayside / Fife area clubs. Does Fife AC receive an invitation to compete? Do we normally enter teams? I understand it's for teams of 5 with each athlete running 2 x 1 mile on rotation during the relay

Thanks for any info.
Ken Morris
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Re: Hartley Relays

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Hi Nigel,

Don't know the 'ins/outs' about this annual Cup but Fife AC do not participate. Ky Wizards, Leven Las Vegas, poss Haddies compete. I heard some folk talking about it today at the Path of Condie race and I think the relays may start from the George Duncan track. If you have contact with anyone from the aforementioned clubs or Perth RR you should be able to glean more info.
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Re: Hartley Relays

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It is or was (I think) a competition for smaller running clubs/groups. Wizards have not taken part.
Graham Bennison
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Re: Hartley Relays

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In the misty, distant past clubs had to qualify for the Edinburgh to Glasgow 8-stage road Relay, the blue riband event of Scottish Road Running back then. Fife AC and Dundee Hawkhill usually qualified for this event. Smaller clubs (back then) had no hope of qualifying, so a few got together and held the Hartley Relays.
FAC runners had to qualify for their own team. In 1987 a full coach (six teams or so) went over to Shettleston for the Allan Scally Road Relays which usually helped determine who ran for fife in the E to G. Changed times eh ???

Results 1987. http://salroadrunningandcrosscountrymed ... 20(19).pdf
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Re: Hartley Relays

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Kinross Road runners used to do this every year. Possibly still do
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