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Thanks to Volunteers at Ceres/Hill of Tarvit Midweek #3

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2022 11:35 am
by Ken Morris
Many thanks to all the volunteers for your help/assistance at the Ceres - Hill of Tarvit Race on Wed evening 8 June. Much appreciated by all for another successful race. Competitors were also treated to a double dose of superb action photos.
Pre-entries - Dharini
Registration - Jenny Morris, Ruwan Fernando
Referee/Timekeeper/Results - Ron Morrison
Finish Line Duties - Doug Gunstone, Alan McLeod, Lewis Rodgers, Jenny Morris, Ruwan Fernando
Marshals - James Hall, Mike McDonald, Malcolm McTavish, Dave Place, Mitch McCreadie, Louise Burt
Photographers - Pete Bracegirdle, Stuart Williamson