AGM and Junior members

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AGM and Junior members

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I am told that (non-member) parents of junior members may only observe at the AGM. As parents are not allowed to comment at this meeting, this does seem to stifle any contribution that may help the junior membership/participation in events, which does seem to be dwindling.

I'm aware that an AGM should only deal with matters on the agenda, and whilst these may affect juniors, then it is perhaps not an appropriate forum for discussion anyway. My question, therefore, is why not have an open forum (Zoom?) and try to ask the parents how things are going? Maybe it would be good to get some fresh input?

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Re: AGM and Junior members

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Hi Sharon, thank you for your idea, you have raised an interesting and valid point about the voice of parents. We will discuss this further at the next board meeting and consider how to offer an opportunity to have an open forum. In the meantime, if you or any parent has any points they would like to raise, please don't hesitate to contact the board using the email addresses on the website.

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