Ravenscraig 2 mile Results

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Ravenscraig 2 mile Results

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In perfect running conditions it was the Sandilands family who came out on top with Ben winning the mens race in a new record of 9.25 breaking his own record by 8 seconds and sister Katie leading home the ladies in 11.40.

1. Ben Sandilands FAC 9.25
2.Lewis Rodgers FAC 9.28
3.Ryan Lafferty FAC 9.51
4.Ben Kinninmonth FAC 10.22
5.Colin Welsh Teviotdale 10.23
6.Aaron Bennet PH 10.25 u20
7.Stephen McDougall Carnethy 10.35
8.Jack McArthur u/a 10.46
9.Stuart Fraser Teviotdale 11.02
10.Mark Webster PH 11.04. v40
11.Rory Birrell East Fife Tri 11.12 u/17
12.Dan Monaghan PH 11.13
13.Scott McClung FAC 11.16 u/20
14.Rolf Gunneman Kdy Wiz 11.27
15.Andrew Gibson Teviotdale 11.35 v40
16.Katie Sandilands FAC 11.40 Fsen
17.Scott Love PH 11.44 v40
18.Rory Sandilands FAC 11.54 v40
19.Michael Lindsey PH 12.05 v40
20.David Laird Kdy Wiz 12.38
21.Neil Gray FAC 12.39
22.Thomas Robertson FAC 12.39 u/15
23.Paul Harkins FAC 12.45 v40
24.Leanne Calder ED AC 12.46 fsen
25.Lucy Ward Perth Strath 12.46 f u/17
26.Ross McArthur FTR 13.14
27.Craig McDonald Kdy Wiz 13.49
28.Lucy Crookston Pitreavie 13.50 fen
29.Michelle Johnston FAC 13.59
30.Richard Ward Perth RR 14.12 v50
31.Ross Bennett PH 14.30 v50
32.John Ritchie Kdy Wiz 14.44 v50
33.James Stewart Kdy Wiz 14.53 v50
34.Jack McInnes pit 14.56 u/15
35.Paul Sutherland Kdy Wiz 15.22 v70

Many thanks to all the helpers.Next race Beveridge Park 5k Friday 20th May.
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