Some Women's teams for Devils Burdens Relay

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Some Women's teams for Devils Burdens Relay

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Heather Anderson has organised the two Senior Women's teams and the FV40 A team-these will be posted soon.
Here are the other teams( know last minute changes always likely but here's what we have confirmed so far!)
FV50 A team: 1. Elizabeth Bloomfield 2.Hilary Ritchie( capt.)and Keren MacPherson 3.Lynne Stephens and Louise Burt 4. Addy Gerrard
FV50 B team 1. A.N.Other 2. Carrie Ruxton( capt) and Moira Grainger 3.Fiona Walker and Anne Whiteford 4.Sue Armstrong
FV60 1.Margaret Cavenagh 2. Jocelyn Scott( capt) and Eliza McLachlan 3.Innes Bracegirdle and Wilma Gillespie 4.Jenny Morris
Open female team,so Senior Women C team:
1. Jen MacFarlane 2.Merce Torres and Hilary Lalande 3.Anita Laidlaw( capt) and Ineke de Moortel 4. Libby Smith

Important everyone knows the new format for this relay with all starts and handovers in the playing fields just up from the duck pond in Falkland, and that runners have studied their particular leg map route with the checkpoints,ideally reccied the routes!!( note there is quite likely a mass start for legs 3 and also possibly 4 so need to be ok timewise for these developments) Also all runners must wear/ carry the full mandatory kit in bumbag ( we can help with kit).See the FAC website Upcoming events.I'll put in and pay the entry forms for these teams-if the team captains on the day could gather their team in the hall and collect the Fife £3 p person fee to pass to me,that would be great.thanks. Could any runner calling off let me know as soon as possible( 07942004487) so we can fill the gap! Should be a great day out,here's hoping for clear visibility- or fog for local knowledge advantage?! ( I'll probably the one getting lost now!)

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