Notes for runners at Bob's Run 5km this Sunday.

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Notes for runners at Bob's Run 5km this Sunday.

Unread post by Graham Bennison » Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:50 pm

Bob Stark Memorial 5km Race, Sunday 2nd December. 2pm. Kids one mile 1.30pm.

Firstly to Fife AC runners…please do wear your club vest, Bob ALWAYS wore his.
Donations to the post-race tea appreciated, it was fabulous last year. I hope to take a Fife AC group photo five minutes before start so please gather near the duck pond. Do chat to your club colleagues before and after the race, at the tea and do make other club runners welcome.
I’ll be having a slow jog around the course on Saturday 1st Dec. starting at 2pm. Anyone is welcome to join me. Meet in estate car-park by duck pond.
Your race numbers kindly sponsored by Morton Running Company will be available on the day at Falkland Village Hall, by the main village car-park from 12 noon. Pins will be available too (but you can always bring your own if you want). Toilets and room to change in the hall.
ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT from Morton Running Company, on any purchase made in-store, if you pick up your bib number from the store. Bibs available Tuesday thru Saturday, 10am – 5pm.
Do remember that the start is by the duck pond at the entrance to Falkland Estate which is a ten-minute walk away from the hall. You might need to get someone to take your trackie top etc for you to the finish. Spectators can access the finish through the main palace door. Or wear a bin bag to keep warm and dispose in litter bin just before start.
The kids one mile will start at 1.30pm, entries on the day at the hall (£1). The start is by the pond, then straight up the road, turn right at top, then right again onto the path behind the cricket pitch and straight back down, the finish is approx. 100m down the path behind the stable block. So, parents only have a short walk from start to the finish.
The 5km starts at the pond, straight up, then a left and right turn to proceed up the Beech Hedge path (1km approx. half-way up). Through the old metal gate-way then right down forest road, heading to saw mill. Through the barrier and turn right top of slight rise is 2km. The corners before the farm can be muddy. At the farm turn left down metalled road to Pillars of Hercules and right turn (exactly 3km) onto woodland trail, veer right at bend, over bridge and uphill to take left turn at top along path behind cricket pitch. Follow this path (4km at a path crossing) all the way along (behind stables and kids one mile finish), cross the bridge and enter the Palace orchard. Short run over grass to ornamental gate, turn right and short uphill finish to Palace Gatehouse. Spectacular finish !!
Your number and time will be recorded at the finish to be downloaded by Andy Milne into his computer. Do jog back to cheer on other runners BUT then please do not proceed through finishing funnel again as you will be recorded twice and compromise the results.
Enjoy the post-race tea, chat and mix with fellow runners. We will hope to have results available ASAP. Not many prizes as we are donating to Prostate Cancer Scotland…..but we might surprise you !!
Full results will be available that evening on FAC forum, Bob Stark event Facebook page. Leading results in The Courier Monday 3rd Dec. and in the Fife Press newspapers later that week. Hopefully with photos….any good photos welcome by early Monday morning ( to meet deadlines) to
I think that’s all….enjoy….post-race comments welcomed. Any queries call me on 01334-656844. Graham Bennison.

Graham Bennison
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Re: Notes for runners at Bob's Run 5km this Sunday.

Unread post by Graham Bennison » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:44 pm

Race numbers.

No. Name Club Cat
1 Bryan McLaren Leven Las Vegas Running Club MS
2 Sarah Eaton Kinross Road Runners F55
3 Claire Doak Leven Las Vegas Running Club FS
4 Iain Wallace Leven Las Vegas Running Club M45
5 Gillian Easton Leven Las Vegas Running Club FS
6 John Mcintyre snr Fife Athletic Club M50
7 Bex Oakenfull Leven Las Vegas Running Club FS
8 Ed Norton PH Racing Club M65
9 Jeff Taylor Leven Las Vegas Running Club M50
10 James Hall Fife Athletic Club M40
11 Stephen Hall Giffnock North AAC M40
12 Calum Hall Giffnock North AAC MU15
13 Heather Wyse F45
14 Harry Wyse M50
15 Ross Wyse Fife Athletic Club MJ
16 Liam Wyse Fife Athletic Club MU15
18 Keith Traill Fife Athletic Club M60
20 John Allison Fife Athletic Club M80
21 Susan Bayne Fife Athletic Club F50
22 Ailsa Malcolm Fife Athletic Club F50
23 Sandra Mitchell Fife Athletic Club F55
24 Val Herkes Fife Athletic Club F60
26 Sandy Bell Fife Athletic Club M50
27 Lynsay Bell Leven Las Vegas Running Club FS
28 Maggie Bell F50
29 Wendy Wylie Leven Las Vegas Running Club FS
30 John Cowan BMF Dunfermline MS
31 Jill Allen BMF Dunfermline FS
32 Peter Ritchie Perth Road Runners M55
33 Gillian Ireland Falkland Trail Runners FS
34 Dawn Watson Leven Las Vegas Running Club F40
35 Lorraine Davie Leven Las Vegas Running Club FS
36 Leanne Spence Kirkcaldy Wizards FS
37 Andrew Spence Carnegie Harriers MS
38 Jack Davies Forfar Road Runners M70
39 Lorraine Abbot Pitreavie AAC F50
40 Anne Whiteford Fife Athletic Club F55
41 Malcolm Daglish Kirkcaldy Wizards M45
42 Susanne Lumsden Falkland Trail Runners F40
43 Karen Richards Leven Las Vegas Running Club F45
44 Jonny Logan Fife Athletic Club MS
45 Terence Mcartney Dundee Road Runners M50
46 Jennifer Johnstone Leven Las Vegas Running Club FS
47 John Kinninmonth Kirkcaldy Wizards M50
48 Julie Menzies BMF Dunfermline F45
49 George Stewart Calderglen Harriers M55
50 Harry Adamson M70
51 Elaine Downie Kirkcaldy Wizards F45
52 Neil Arnold M45
53 Ruth Letham Fife Athletic Club F40
54 Nikki Milne Forfar Road Runners F45
55 Annie Gibson Leven Las Vegas Running Club F55
56 Kevin Hughes Leven Las Vegas Running Club M45
57 Chris Russell Leven Las Vegas Running Club M45
58 Andrew Goring Fife Athletic Club MS
59 Claire Walsh F40
60 Lynne Stephen Fife Athletic Club F60
61 Ben Sandilands Fife Athletic Club MJ
62 Rory Sandilands Fife Athletic Club M40
63 Rebecca Reader Kirkcaldy Wizards FS
64 John Henderson Fife Athletic Club M45
65 George Black Fife Athletic Club M75
66 Reg Hunter Arbroath Footers M65
67 Jocelyn Scott Fife Athletic Club F65
68 Tom Scott Fife Athletic Club M65
69 Alan Gray Wormit Runners M55
70 Innes Bracegirdle Fife Athletic Club F60
71 Lesley Coutts Dundee Road Runners F55
72 Andrew Warrender Unattached MS
73 John Smith MS
74 Bob Allison Fife Athletic Club M60
75 Morna Fleming Pitreavie AAC F65
76 Edward Wade Fife Athletic Club M70
77 Teresa Guild Leven Las Vegas Running Club F50
78 Gail Adams Pitreavie AAC F50
79 Craig Ross Fife Athletic Club M60
80 Mark Mclean Leven Las Vegas Running Club M50
81 Paula Mclean Leven Las Vegas Running Club F45
82 Lindsey Robertson Fife Athletic Club F40
83 Paul Sutherland Fife Athletic Club M65
84 Hilary Ritchie Fife Athletic Club F55
85 Paul McGlynn M55
86 Keiron Baillie Fife Athletic Club M45
87 Andrew Aird Kinross Road Runners M45
88 Keren Macpherson Fife Athletic Club F50
89 Gary Sutherland MS
90 Derek Duncan Pitreavie AAC M65
91 Gail McNab Kirkcaldy Wizards F50
92 Kenny Gorman Fife Athletic Club MS
93 Mike Herron Dundee Hawkhill Harriers MS
94 Ben Kinninmonth Fife Athletic Club MS
95 Brian R Smith Fife Athletic Club M60
96 Ewan Cameron Anster Haddies Running Club M55
97 Sean Duffy MS
98 Bill Gillan Falkland Trail Runners M65
99 Daniel Hale Dundee Hawkhill Harriers MS
100 George McHardy Wee County Harriers M65
101 Sam Fernando Fife Athletic Club MS
102 Paul Forbes M60
103 Kim Forbes F60
104 Craig Chisholm Pitreavie AAC MS
105 Keith Bonthrone Kirkcaldy Wizards M55
106 Catriona Sime F40
107 Alistair Lawson M75
108 David Norrie Fife Athletic Club M60
109 Bill Simpson Anster Haddies Running Club M65
110 Thomas Pairman Fife Athletic Club M70
111 Steve Cromar Dundee Hawkhill Harriers M80
112 Louise Burt Fife Athletic Club F55
113 Gary Barker Fife Athletic Club M60
114 Alan Davie Leven Las Vegas Running Club M40
115 Frank McLaren Fife Athletic Club M65
116 Margaret McLaren Fife Athletic Club F60
117 Mike Alcock Falkland Trail Runners M65
118 Jude Alcock Falkland Trail Runners F65
119 John McNally Fife Athletic Club M80
120 Kellyanne Muir Kirkcaldy wizards FS
121 Carole Melville Fife Athletic Club F75
122 Gary Rowan MS
123 Viki Mason F45
124 Charlie Mason MU13
125 Hayley Brown Fife Athletic Club MU15
126 Scott Brown M45
127 Gillian Notman Kirkcaldy Wizards F40
128 Rona Inglis Kirkcaldy Wizards FS
129 Calum Gow M55
130 Seonaid Gow FS
131 Lynne Herd Anster Haddies Running Club F40
132 Colin Morrison M45
133 Grant Lyall M50
134 Carol Irvine Anster Allsorts FS
135 Jim Paterson M40
136 Claire McHardy Wee County Harriers FS
137 Christopher McHardy Central Athletic Club MS
138 Bill Duff Falkland Trail Runners M65
139 Jill Watson F45
140 Emily Scott Kirkcaldy Wizards F50
141 George Findlay Anster Haddies Running Club M60
142 Cheryl Thom Kirkcaldy Wizards FS
144 William Goad Fife Athletic Club M45
145 Iain Bickett Kirkcaldy Wizards M40
146 Paul Frape Kirkcaldy Wizards M50
147 Ainsley Dryburgh FS
148 Elspeth Kirkpatrick Wee County Harriers F45
149 David Cowan Fife Athletic Club M55
150 Alison Marven Falkland Trail Runners F40
151 Alan Cunningham Lothian Running Club M45
152 Julie Garland F45
153 Ian Hawkins Fife Athletic Club M55
154 Ken Morris Fife Athletic Club M70
155 Jennifer Morris Fife Athletic Club F55
156 Mike Murdoch Falkland Trail Runners M40
157 Joanne McEvoy Calderglen Harriers F40
158 Chloe Ritchie Fife Athletic Club FJ
159 Alistair Gudgin Fife Athletic Club MS
160 Hendrik van Rensburg Fife Athletic Club M45
161 Rhona Van Rensburg Fife Athletic Club F45
162 Aaron Bennet PH Racing Club MU15
163 Christopher Bennison MS
164 Robert Thornton Fife Athletic Club M60
165 Joy Gudgin Carnegie Harriers F55
166 Angie Parkin Jog Scotland Dunfermline F45
167 Gail Beveridge Carnegie Harriers F55
169 Sarah Bennison FS
170 Alan McGowan Carnegie Harriers M40
171 Scott Blyth PH Racing Club MS
172 Rosemary Lee Falkland Trail Runners F55
173 John Lee Falkland Trail Runners M60
174 Simon Knox Dundee Road Runners M50
175 Kevin Murray Falkland Trail Runners M50
176 Ailsa Gow FS
177 Duncan Ryan Perth Road Runners M45
178 Frances Wood Linlithgow Athletic Club F60
179 Alex Wood Linlithgow Athletic Club M65
180 Stephen Dickson Kirkcaldy Wizards M40
199 Clare Bonucchi F50

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