Workshops!! Resuscitation!

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Workshops!! Resuscitation!

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Next up is in our Winter Workshops is Resuscitation Workshop with Allan Harley 🙌🏻

Come along and learn CPR and how to use a defibrillator by our fantastic instructors ⛑

Again we have 2 locations for this workshop!

🔸First up is Wednesday 12th December at Pitteuchar West Primary School, Glenrothes.

🔹Then next day Thursday 13th December at St Andrews University, Jack Cole Building in Computer Science - same location as last year’s workshops.

Start time for both evenings is 7:30pm

💥 Open to club & non club members💥

Why not come along!! It’s sure to be another great workshop! ☺️

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Re: Workshops!! Resuscitation!

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Perfect Combo: Thursday,Dec 13th, Christmas Paarlhauf on St A Uni track at 6,15,bomb around the 10K with your partner in under an hour?( or choose the 5K) and then head down to Resuscitation workshop at 7.30 ( for your recovery!) The Uni Cricket Pavilion after the paarlhauf offers hot mulled wine/Ribena ,cheese,mince pies etc,so could always run faster,grab a drink and a mince pie then head down-all nearby!

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