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Thanks to everyone who have volunteered. Your duties are as follows:-

SETTING THE COURSE: Frank and Margaret McLaren

REGISTRATION (commencing 10.00am at Giffordtown Village Hall): Lesley Thirkell, Jennifer Chisolm, Ken Morris, Margaret McLaren

CAR PARKING: It would be helpful if any marshals arriving early can assist with car parking in the Hall car park.

STARTER: Ron Morrison

TIMEKEEPERS AND RECORDERS: Ron Morrison, Graham Kirby, Dharini Balasubramaniam, Lesley Thirkell, Ken Morris

Halfway point - Gary Barker and Roger Rees;
Easter Kilwhiss Farm - Dave Norrie;
Road Junction to Giffordtown - Derek Adamson and Graham Bennison

ROAD CLOSURES: Gary Barker and Roger Rees; Graham Bennison and Derek Adamson; Frank McLaren (Note: Roger and Gary will be responsible for the setting up and dismantling of the road closures at the far end of the course; Graham and Derek at the road to Giffordtown; I will take the start/finish area.) Our Temporary Traffic Restriction Order can be in force between 10.30am and 12 noon.

"SPOTTING" CATEGORY PRIZEWINNERS: Graham Bennison (Graham, although you are 500 metres from the finish, the information will be helpful.)

RESULTS: Ron Morrison, Graham Kirby and Dharini Balasubramaniam

PRIZE GIVING: Ron Morrison and Lesley Thirkell

POST-RACE TEAS: Margaret McLaren, Jennifer Chisolm and Sandra Aitken

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