Beveridge Park 5k results

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Beveridge Park 5k results

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Friday night saw good running conditions and a record field for the second race in the series.Following his win at Ravenscraig where he recorded the 3rd fastest time recorded Ryan Lafferty won comfortably in the 3rd fastest time ever.The record held by AC Muir of Edinburgh AC of 15.25 having stood since 2004.
There was a glitch with the results around places 40-50 particularly Ally Sinclair of Kinross if you have any info please post and results will be amended.Series results so far will follow.
1.Ryan Lafferty FAC 15.43
2.Craig Morris FAC 16.35 1rst u20
3.Jamie Lessels FTR 16.57 1rst jun
4.Robert Sellar PH Racing 17.22 1rst
5.Bryan Innes FTR 17.33
6.Dave Clark FTR 17.47 2nd v40
7.Colin Lamont Falkirk Vic 17.50
8.Gordon Lawson PH Racing 18.06 3rd v40
9.Allan McGowan Carnegie 18.20
10.John Cotton Pitreavie 18.40
11.Jonathen Gamble Pitreavie 18.48
12.Mark Buchan FAC 18.50
13.Jack Donald Dundee Hawkhill 19.01 2nd jun
14.Micheal Lindsey PH Racing 19.09
15.Craig Chisholm Pitreavie 19.14
16.Stuart Dillon FAC 19.26 1rst v50
17.Rolf Gunneman Kirkcaldy Wizards 19.29
18.Graeme McInness PH Racing 19.34
19.Ian Howatt Pitreavie 19.38 2nd v50
20.Alan Murray Carnegie 19.45
21Colin Brown DRR 19.46
22.Chris Earl DRR 19.49
23.John Hynd Carnegie 19.55 3rd v50
24.Scott Clark Pitreavie 19.56
25.Aaron Bennett PH Racing 20.05 3rd jun
26.Graeme Wilson Carnegie 20.22
27.Ryan Hodge Kirkcaldy Wizards 20.24
28.Alison Sutherland Carnegie 20.26 1rst female
29.Dave Morton Carnegie 20.37
30.Adam Anderson Carnegie 20.38
31.Kevin Hodge Kirkcaldy Wizards 20.45
32. Kenny Fairfull Carnegie 20.49
33.Barry Davie Carnegie 21.04
34. Brian Miler Carnegie 21.05
35.Keith Vandermotten PH Racing 21.07
36. Michael Bissett Carnegie 21.08
37 Gavin Major Pitreavie 21.09
38.Robert Paterson LLV 21.10
39.Kelly Ann Muir Kirkcaldy Wizards 21.13 2nd Female
40.Ross Hunter Carnegie 21.16
41.Neil McLauchlin Pitreavie 21.26
42.Iain Aitken FAC 21.28
43.David Norrie FAC 21.28 1rst v60
44.Scott Mclung Kirkcaldy Wizards 21.29
45.Isobel Burnett Carnegie 21.31 1rst F60
46.Ally Sinclair Kinross RR 21.33
47.Darren Campbell Carnegie 21.34
48.John Kinninmonth Kirkcaldy Wizards 21.35
49.Joy Gudgin Carnegie 21.50 1rst F50
50.Rebecca Reader Kirkcaldy Wizards 21.45 3rd Female

51.Gemma McKee Carnegie 22.10
52.Keith Bonthrone Kirkcaldy Wizards 22.18
53.Alan Brannigaan Carnegie 22.22
54.Gordon Sommerville Carnegie 22.24 2nd v60
55.Derek Hunter Carnegie 22.25
56.Paul Harkins Kirkcaldy Wizards 22.31
57.Kieran Morgan Carnegie 22.41
58. Stuart Goodfellow Kirkcaldy Wizards 22.45
59.Lesley Reynolds Carnegie 22.47
60.Paul Dick Pitreavie 22.54
61.Josh McKay DRR 22.56
62.Gordon Hunter Carnegie 23.03
63.Neil Anderson Carnegie 23.06
64.Bill Simpson Anster 23.11 3rd V60
65.Lawrence Leask Pitreavie 23.32
66.Stephen Mathieson Kirkcaldy Wizards 23.36
67.Kenneth Syme Pitreavie 23.42
68.Mairi Hill Carnegie 23.43
69.Kathryn Fairfield Carnegie 23.44
70.Niall Paterson Carnegie 23.52
71.Morna Fleming Pitreavie 24.00 2nd F60
72.Ken Morris FAC 24.04 1rst v70
73.Heather Finlayson Kirkcaldy Wizards 24.11 2nd f50
74.Mick Parsley Pitreavie 24.33
75.Joyce Donald Dundee Hawkhill 24.49 3rd f50
76.Scott Stirling Kirkcaldy Wizards 24.51
77.James Stewart Kirkcaldy Wizards 24.55
78.Sarah Welcoat Carnegie 24.57
79.Nicola Moriarty Pitreavie 25.19 1rst F40
80Michael Mullen Pitreavie 25.23
81.Kathy Hill Carnegie 25.28 2nd F40
82.Gillian Vaughan Kirkcaldy Wizards 25.38
83.Kevin ONeil Kirkcaldy Wizards 25.40
84.Alex Agnew Lothian 25.41
85 Christine Syme Pitreavie 25.43 3rd F60
86.Karl Zaczek Carnegie 25.41
87.Jane Mcleod Carnegie 25.47
88.Alan Bothwell Perth 25.51
89. Stephen Grier Carnegie 25.56
90.Peter Rieu Clark FAC 26.11 2nd v70
91.Kenneth Jennings Kirkcaldy Wizards 26.23
92.Phil Smithard Carnegie 26.31 3rd v70
93.Ross Mcarthur FTR 26.33
94.Kerry Hunter Carnegie 26.48
95.Donald Mcleod u/a 27.16
96.Gail Adams Pitreavie 27.54
97.Andrew Aird Kinross RR 27.57
98.Lewis Thomson Kirkcaldy Wizards 28.06
99.Clifford Dicker Lothian 28.08
100.Jacqueline Cook FTR 28.52
101.Bill Fairly Carnegie 29.33
102.Bill Duff FTR 30.05
103.Jane Gatherer FTR 30.05
104.Sue Bothwell Perth 30.33
105.Fiona Martin AAA 30.43
106 Ben Morton 30.43

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Re: Beveridge Park 5k results

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Hi, will these results go on Runbritian please. Asking for my son.
Cheers . Ross Bennet

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