Road Relay champs - Womens team lists

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Road Relay champs - Womens team lists

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The women's team lists for the National road relays on 24th March are posted below. Declarations are open from 10:30 to 11:30, so please can you make sure you’ve caught up with me by 11am in the school café. This will give me time to declare the teams, distribute the numbers and warm up. Once I have declared the teams, they are final and can't be changed. Please therefore let me know as soon as possible if you're going to arrive late (especially if you're down to run the first leg)!
Race and parking information is available at ... oad-relays. The womens race starts at 12.10.
If you are down for a team and can no longer run, please let me know, drop me an email ( or give me a call/fb message. Feel free to e-mail before the weekend too if you would like to get my number or give me yours. Katie won’t be there on Sunday, so please contact me.

Senior teams:
A 1. Jenny Selman, 2. Megan Crawford, 3. Sheena Logan, 4. Annabel Simpson.
B 1. Amie Watt, 2. Jennifer Cruickshanks, 3. Halina Rees, 4. Jennifer Spence.
C 1. Ailsa Cruickshanks, 2. Kerry Gibson.

Vet teams:
A 1. Hilary Ritchie, 2. Keren MacPherson, 3. Liz Bloomfield
B 1. Sandra Aitken, 2. Wilma Gillespie, 3. Jocelyn Scott.

The following people are entered, but we haven’t heard back re availability. If you would like to run, please let me know:
Louise Burt, Laura Gibson, Kirsti Sharratt (W50), Vivienne Wild, Lindsay Wilson, Rhona van Rensburg.

See you all on Sunday,

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