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Frank McLaren
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Unread post by Frank McLaren » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:15 am

A few salient points:

Once again, we are indebted to Adrian Stott of Run and Become for his generous sponsorship.

1. Leg 1: there is no requirement for full body cover, maps, compass etc. The Falkland Estate has forbidden the use of flour to mark the course: consequently, only red and white tape will be used.
2. Leg 1 / Leg 2 Changeover. We are sharing the Strathmiglo Hall with a charity coffee morning: we have the smaller hall for shelter and changing and toilets will be available. Parking will be available in the grounds of the local primary school, Strathmiglo Primary School, 111 High Street, Strathmiglo KY14 7PT. Please remove muddy footwear before entering either the Falkland or Strathmiglo halls.
3. Leg 2 / Leg 3 Changeover. There will be two Portaloos available for your use just as you access the hillside. This was at the insistence of the local community council; the other issue raised was parking in the village. Their ‘suggestion’: “competitors should be discouraged from driving beyond the carpark level and going any higher up Bishop Terrace. There is adequate drop off opportunity in the carpark and if there is a need for longer stay parking this can be met in this carpark or by parking lower down Bishop Terrace/ Bruce Road or on the road network in Whitecraigs”. Please adhere to this! The route to the changeover will be marked with red and white tape.
4. Leg 3 runners should wear the RED numbers.
5. If you are running in a pair, then FINISH WITH YOUR PARTNER!
6. If you are running at all MAKE SURE YOUR NUMBER IS VISIBLE!
7. Park with as much consideration as possible.
8. Everyone on the navigational legs should carry a mobile phone: if you do find yourself in difficulties, please phone Bill Fairmaner on 07784 549722 as your first point of contact.
9. A “mass” start on the last leg may be required: this will be at the Lead Marshal’s discretion but runners on the slower teams should turn up no later than 2.15pm at the changeover.
10. Please refer to the Fife AC Bulletin board and Facebook pages for updates, team lists etc.
11. In an attempt to become “greener”, it would be appreciated if you bring along your own mug for some post-race soup, although unrecyclable polystyrene cups will be available.

Have a great day out.

Frank McLaren, Secretary, Fife Athletic Club

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Unread post by oscar2010 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:32 pm

Can I use my Sports Direct :h:

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