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ravenscraig 2 mile instructions

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:43 pm
by gbarker
Nothing in todays briefing seemed to say this would not be able to go ahead but check before coming on Friday.If you are now unable to run please post or email me as there is a waiting list.
Do not attend if you are unwell, have any cover symptoms or have been asked to isolate for any reason.
Travel alone or in a family bubble.No spectators unless an adult with an under 18.
Use park car park or adjacent streets.
Arrive only in time to warm up and be ready to run.There are no changing facilities or area to leave baggage.
Most people will have received there number in advance if not these can be collected near start.Remember to maintain distancing while waiting.You may be asked for a contact phone number.
During the race and for a few minutes before you do not have maintain social distancing but prior to this and immediately you finish normal rules apply.
Use the large grass area for warm up please stay off course.
As soon as you cross the line please leave finish area and depart asap.No handshakes etc.Normal distancing now applies.
Results will e posted online within 24hr probably that evening.
There will be other park users be aware of them we do not have sole use of the park.
This is the first official event the club has put on and the first the council have allowed so be considerate and listen to any instructions so all can go without incident.