Training re-start update please

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Ian Hawkins
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Training re-start update please

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HI there, can someone please advise if training is likely to resume any time soon please? I have heard anecdotally that other clubs have recently re-started training and wonder what the prospects are for Fife AC.
Thanks Ian.

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Re: Training re-start update please

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We’re working getting groups back up and running.
Feel free to contact coaches direct for more information :)

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Re: Training re-start update please

Unread post by shedley »

Is the delay due to not having a named club "Covid co-ordinator"? Or do we have one? I'm aware Dundee Hawks and Giffnock North for example have had training up and running in a controlled way for a number of weeks, since (initially only) juniors were allowed to train outside together. It would be good if the Club posted some more detailed information, particularly as the last official message regarding training (on March 18) stated that 'we very much look forward to training getting back'...

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Re: Training re-start update please

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Kirkcaldy Wizards are training in groups of 15.

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Re: Training re-start update please

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All Fife AC training groups are welcome to start back group training when it feels right for the coaches and group members. That will vary between groups and it's not appropriate for the Club to make any coach feel obliged to start back at training before they feel ready. Any group training must, of course, adhere to the Scottish Athletics training requirements. These have been emailed to qualified Club coaches. Several groups are already back training - Kirkcaldy Wizards, the Uni/Club group in St Andrews, Rachel's Glenrothes-based group, and Steve's group. Others are in the process of getting ready to start training again, in a time frame they are comfortable with. Each athletics club is Scotland is required to have a Covid Co-ordinator. If anyone has any questions for the Fife AC Covid Co-ordinator, please email

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