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Devils Burdens "Honours Board"

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The attached spreadsheet details of category winners at the Devil's Burdens, starting from 2002, as derived from the results listed on the Fife AC website. There is also a little analysis. There are full results from before 2002, somewhere.

Three things to bear in mind.
1. Teams are listed in their stated category only. For example, where a V50 team finished ahead of all V40 teams, the V50 team is not listed as the winner of the V40 category.
2. The categories and the way they have been recorded have changed over time. Back in the day, there was clearly no need for a V50 category, let along one for the V60's. Where this was the case, the category has been inferred from the team name e.g. use of "old gits", "super vets" was taken to denote a V50 team.
3. There may be the odd mistake (despite cross-checking everything). Let me know if you spot anything that looks wrong.

Hope this triggers memories of happier times.

Devils Burdens winners.xlsx
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Re: Devils Burdens "Honours Board"

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Thats fantastic work Bill! Thanks :)
I found the following on Carnethy Hill Runners website in their archives which could be added to the spreadsheet.



"5th February 2001
The Carnethy ladies finished first women's team in The Devil's Burden relays last Saturday. They didn't go the wrong way (unlike the men).
As per last year, we again managed to get 3 mens teams out for the event which was a great effort. The running conditions were fine, with a good temperature and little wind although the visibility was pretty poor due to the low mist!
In terms of our "A" team, Adam Ward and Stewart Whitlie ran the first leg and soon found themselves in the lead going up the first hill. They were followed past the trig point by the Fife team with the Lothian team, at this point, well behind in the mist in third. Unfortunately, both the Carnethy and the Fife teams then took a slight detour off to the left. As the "local" Fife team continued to follow us, we assumed we were going in the right direction! By the time we had realised our mistake and got back on course we had dropped back to 11th as we passed over to Geriant Florida-James. Geriant, fresh from his victory in the "Tough Guy" event in England the week before, then put in an excellent performance to get the team back into 4th place. This was despite having ran past the checkpoint and then having to run back up the hill to check his card! Garry MacInnes and Brad Connor then did an excellent job of navigating there way over leg 3 to pass over to Mark Johnston, still in 4th place but only 10 secs behind the Cosmics team. Mark also had an excellent run, managing to briefly get ahead of Keith (top roadie from Aberdeen) on the first road section although he was subsequently overtaken by Keith near the finish. We ended up in 4th place, a couple of seconds behind the Cosmics team and about 8 mins behind the Fife and Lothian teams who finished first and second. Adam and Stewart are definitely due the other team members a few beers!
The Vets team of Murdo McEwan & Eddie Harvey (leg 1), Bill Cross (leg 2), Andy Spenceley and Brian Waldie(leg 3) and Willie Mykura (leg 4) had a good run finishing in 13th (?) place.
Our other male team also had a good run, with Crawford Oliphant & Colin Pritchard (leg 1), Bill Gauld (leg 2), Russell Stout & Andy Patience (leg 3) and Andy Laycock (leg 4) finishing in 11th (?) place.
Another top performance from the girlies who managed to get 2 teams out this year with the "A" team winning for the umpteenth year in a row! "

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