Races and juniors

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Races and juniors

Unread post by gbarker » Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:56 pm

I spent a lot of time doing permit applications \applications to council for use of park etc all of which are more complicated by including younger age groups.The courses were officially measured for inclusion in rankings.5\6 races were suitable for 12 and over 1 for 15 and over.I put this on noticeboard and info on facebook.I emailed coaches in Cupar St Andrews and Kirkcaldy to let them know of these events.They are free for under 18.
Despite this in the 3 races so far we have had 1 jun girl {FAC} in 1 race no other junior girls and 5 junior boys who have each done some of the races none of them were FAC.
Perhaps next year the Kirkcaldy series will be adults only it will be less work????

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Re: Races and juniors

Unread post by steviejoiner74 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:55 pm

It’d be a great shame if this were the case as I know in particular Jamie(FTR)and the boys from ph racing/Dundee and kdy wizards have enjoyed competing alongside the senior athletes in a mix of distances within easy travelling distance and like you say,completely free of charge. The series has been a great success so far IMO with a lot of quality runners attending every event in good numbers and in particular,the mile race along the promenade was great to watch.
The more youngsters that can run and compete with the seniors in these events can only be a good thing.

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