Christmas Paarlhauf-Tinsel Torture on the Track!

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jocelyn Scott
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Re: Christmas Paarlhauf-Tinsel Torture on the Track!

Unread post by jocelyn Scott » Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:11 am

Share cars to the Paarlhauf,so you can "rehydrate" with some festive Gluwein ,hot mince pies,some cheese and bits and pieces.There will be hot spiced Ribena for youngsters and the drivers- but Ladies,in particular,you deserve to have a glass or two( well,china cups I think ) as it's the women's wine from that 2017/18 Cross Country men v women participation Challenge.So get a man to drive you,so you can enjoy your well deserved wine? ( Tom has offered to taxi me,Keren and Hilary just so he can enjoy the two Santa's elves latest outfits and ensure they get home safely...)The Afterwards will be up on that top field inside the newly refurbished University Cricket Pavilion-which they assure us will be cosy and warm. DON'T FORGET baton Christmas Cracker! ( altho will have spares) PS No footballers champing at the bit to get onto the grass middle of track after us- we have it booked totally for us-so no danger of any of us tackling the 10K suddenly having to slot in 400m at end,we can try hard but not be panicked....aiming to finish around 7ish ..but Gluwein and hot mince pies etc will be kept for you!

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