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Junior XC teams for Cumbernauld

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:19 am
by shedley
Young Females:
A: Isla Thoms; Isla Hedley; Anna Hedley
B: Ruby Russell; Esmee Thoms; Anna Dalglish
C: Freya Hedley; Hayley Brown; Jaden Lenny
D: Kate Dalglish; Kiera Lorimer; Grace Booth

Young Males:
A: Guillem Penacchio Torres, Lewis Donnelly, Ben Sandilands
B: Hjalmar Struck, Marti Pennacchio Torres, Michael Sanderson
C: Angus Graham (who will run as an individual, ie. an incomplete team, like Freya did at Glamis)

Good luck and look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the tent! Please remember to allow plenty of time if you're getting the shuttle bus, and if you can, please text (number sent by email) when you're leaving/have left, that really helps.

Any questions - please ask. Thanks, Sharon