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Women's teams for East District cross country relays 13 October

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:52 am
by Katie Jones
The provisional women's team lists for the East District cross country relays on 13 October, drawn up by the club's coaches, are posted below. On the day, Halina and I will declare the teams and collect the race numbers to distribute to you at the club tent - when we've done that, teams will be final and can't be changed. Please therefore let us know as soon as possible if you can't run after all, or if you're going to arrive late (especially if you're down to run the first leg)! As far as I remember, mobile internet was a bit better at Glamis Castle than phone reception, so the best way to contact us on the day is by e-mailing - but do also feel free to e-mail before the weekend too if you would like to get our phone numbers or give us yours. I will post again if there are any updates to teams, and also with further details of when to arrive once the Scottish Athletics events calendar is working again and I can find out timings!

Senior teams:
1. Jenny Selman, Jennifer Cruickshanks, Helen Sharpe
2. Halina Rees, Megan Crawford, Jennifer Spence
3. Ailsa Cruickshanks, Amie Watt, Katie Jones
4. Sarah Easterby-Smith, Katie Garner

Masters teams:
1. Merce Torres, Innes Bracegirdle, Louise Provan
2. Gill Smith, Elise Methven, Jocelyn Scott

Re: Women's teams for East District cross country relays 13 October

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:41 am
by Katie Jones
Update: Declarations close at 1:10pm and the race starts at 1:40pm. We will aim to register the teams at 1pm and will be able to distribute numbers shortly afterwards. Please try to arrive by just before 1pm so that we can be sure you are definitely running (remember: if we've declared you as a first-leg runner and you don't turn up, no-one else in your team will be allowed to race), and to allow us to hand out race numbers before we do our own warm-up and race preparation. This will also allow plenty of time for you to warm up and recce the course.
Many thanks,