Instructions for DB MV40 and Allsorts Teams

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Neil Millar
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Instructions for DB MV40 and Allsorts Teams

Unread post by Neil Millar » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:32 pm

Hi Teams!

Plans for Saturday:
• Meet at Falkland Village Hall between 9:30-9.45am. (For leg 3 or 4 runners, let me know if you would like to go straight to your leg starts)
• Read Frank's excellent instructions including kit requirements for legs 2,3,4
• Remember your entry money
• Stay fit and healthy between now and Saturday :o:
• Run like the wind and beat the MV50’s!!!! :m:

Stuart will provide transport to leg 2 for him and Olivier.
If required, I can give Rory/Colin a lift to leg 2 then Gary/Evan & Hendrik/Rick to leg 3.

Dream Teams:
MV40's Leg 1 Duncan Barrable Leg 2 Olivier Penachio/Stuart Buckett Leg 3 Hendrik Van Rensburg/Rick Booth Leg 4 Martin Bell
Allsorts Leg 1 Akira O’Connor Leg 2 Rory Scott/Colin McWilliam Leg 3 Gary Howe/Evan McKernan Leg 4 Neil Millar

Please call or text me on 07557 399407 if you have any questions. :thumbup:



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