RAM Grampian Athletics League Sunday 6th August. Perth.

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RAM Grampian Athletics League Sunday 6th August. Perth.

Unread post by Graham Bennison » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:30 am

The fourth RAM Grampian Track & field League of the season takes place Sunday 6th August at The Perth George Duncan Stadium (just off the motor mile Dunkeld Road).

This is a friendly low key league, for all ages (U11 to veterans) ideal for trying out new events. This meeting gives U17's and seniors the opportunity to run 3,000m, there aren't too many chances to race that distance these days.

You'd be most welcome to come along....give Elspeth Wallace a call on 01334- 474561

12.00 70mH U13 Girls 12.00 Javelin U11 Boys
75mH U13 Boys Shot Putt U13 Boys
75mH U15 Girls High Jump U13 Girls
80mH U17 Women Long Jump U17W & SW
80mH U15 Boys
100mH Women
100mH U17 Men
110mH Men 1.10 Discus Men
Shot Putt U17 Men
1.15 600m U11 Girls High Jump U15 Girls
600m U11 Boys Long Jump U11 Girls
3000m U17 Women
3000m Women
3000m U17 Men
3000m Men 2.00 Discus U13 Girls
800m U13 Girls High Jump U11 Boys
800m U15 Girls Long Jump U15 Boys
800m U13 Boys
800m U15 Boys

2.30 200m U11 Girls 3.00 Javelin U17 W & SW
200m U11 Boys Shot Putt U15 Girls
200m U13 Girls High Jump U17 Men
200m U15 Girls Long Jump Men
200m U17 Women
200m Women
200m U13 Boys
200m U15 Boys 4.00 Javelin U11 Girls
200m U17 Men Shot Putt U15 Boys
200m Men High Jump U13 Boys

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