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101 Anna Radons-Harris Mixed
102 HBT Brown Babes Female
103 HBT Brown Bombshells Female
104 Anster Haddies F Male
105 Anster Haddies G Mixed
106 Anster Haddies Ladies A Female
107 Anster Haddies Ladies B Female
108 AUOTC Mixed
109 Beacon Ladies Female
110 Beacon Men Male Vets
111 Bosun's Locker Male
112 Calderglen Harriers B No Cat
113 Carnegie / Norham Select Male Vets
114 Carnegie Harriers B Male Vets
115 Carnegie Harriers Ladies Female
116 Carnethy Ladies B Female
117 Carnethy Ladies V50 Female Vets
118 Central "B" Male
119 Cosmic Hillbashers No Cat
120 Dundee Road Runners No Cat
121 Fife AC (Alastair's Team) No Cat
122 Fife AC (Annie's Team) Female Vets
123 Fife AC (Ian Ritchie) Male Vets
124 Fife AC (Nigel Fowler) No Cat
125 Fife AC (Stewart Davidson) Male
126 Fife AC 70 Male Super Vets
127 Fife AC Nifty Fifties (Innes) Female Vets
128 Forfar Hill Runners Ladies Female
129 Goju Ryu Martial Arts Academy Male
130 Helensburgh AAC Babes Female
131 Kilmarnock Harriers Male Vets
132 Kingdom of Fife Orienteers Male Super Vets
133 Kinnoull Runners Down Mixed
134 Kinnoull Runners Up Mixed
135 Kinross Road Runners Beauty and the Beast Mixed
136 Kinross Road Runners Ladies B Female
137 Kinross Road Runners Male B Male
138 Linlithgow Male
139 Lothian Running Club "A" Mixed
140 Maryhill Harrier's "B" No Cat
141 Maths Ladies' Swimming Team Male
142 Over the Hills Male
143 Penicuik Harriers Male Vets
144 Penicuik Harriers Ladies Female
145 Strathearn Harriers Allsorts No Cat
146 Tartan Tarahumara Male
147 Tinto Hill Runners Male
148 Wee County Harriers 1 Female
149 Wee County Harriers 2 No Cat
150 Westerlands V50 B Male Super Vets
151 Westies Ladies Apples Female
152 Westies Ladies Bananas Female


1 Anster Haddies C Male
2 Anster Haddies D Male
3 Anster Haddies E Male
4 Bellahouston Road Runners A Male
5 Bellahouston Road Runners B No Cat
6 Bellahouston Road Runners C Mixed
7 Calderglen Harriers A Male Vet
8 Carnegie Harriers Male
9 Carnegie Harriers Vets Male Vets
10 Carnethy Ladies' A Female
11 Carnethy Men A Male
12 Carnethy Men B Male
13 Carnethy Men C Male
14 Carnethy Men V40 Male Vet
15 Carnethy Men V50 Male Super Vets
16 Carnethy Men V60 Male Super Vets
17 Central "A" Male
18 Central Ladies Female
19 Corstorphine AAC Kinda Mixed No Cat
20 Corstorphine AAC Male Male
21 Cosmic Hillbashers Men Male
22 Deeside Ladies Female
23 Deeside Leftovers Male
24 Deeside Lords Male
25 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers Charlie Love No Cat
26 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers Vet 40 Male Vets
27 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers Vet 50 Male Super Vets
28 Dundee Road Runners Men Male
29 Not Used
30 Fife AC Boys Male
31 Fife AC Junior Mixed No More No Cat
32 Fife AC Ladies (Fiona) Female
33 Fife AC Ladies' Vet Female Vets
34 Fife AC Stags Male
35 Fife AC Vets Male Vet
36 Forfar Hill Runners Male Vet
37 Forth Valley Orienteers No Cat
38 Not Used
39 HBT Brown Bar Stewards Male
40 HBT Brown Birds Female
41 Not Used
42 HBT Browned Off No Cat
43 Kinross Ladies Female
44 Kinross Road Runners Male "A" Male
45 Lochtayside +2 Male
46 Lomond's Male Male
47 Lomond's Mixed Mixed
48 Lomond's Not Quite Mixed Male Vet
49 Lothian Running Club "B" No Cat
50 Maryhill Harrier's "A" Male
51 Norham RC Male
52 Ochil Mixed Mixed
53 Ochil Senior Men Male
54 Ochil Vet Men Male Vet
55 Shettleston Men Male
56 Shettleston Mixed Mixed
57 Shettleston Women Female
58 Strathearn Harriers Men Male
59 Strathearn Harriers Women Female
60 The All-Terrain Machine Mixed
61 The Stormers (Rhona van Rensburg) Mixed
62 Wee County Harriers 3 Male
63 Westerlands A Male
64 Westerlands B Male
65 Westerlands C Male
66 Westerlands V50 A Male Super Vets
67 Wormit Whippets Male

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