Lomonds Junior Hill Race 2016

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roger rees
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Lomonds Junior Hill Race 2016

Unread post by roger rees » Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:32 pm

The weather looks ok (overcast, no rain) for Sunday in the Lomonds, but not summery, so please be sure to wrap up warm.

Full details via the link below, with races for all junior categories.

http://www.fifeac.org/events/fife-ac-ev ... -2016.html

roger rees
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Re: Lomonds Junior Hill Race 2016

Unread post by roger rees » Sun Apr 24, 2016 4:21 pm

East Lomond Junior Hill Race 2016
There was glorious sunshine for this year’s races, held on the established courses over East Lomond. Well done to all runners, and particularly to Tasha who sprinted along from the car park, just in time for her race; and to Inverclyde who made the long trip from the west, some of them for their first ever hill race. Hope to see you all back again next year.
Many thanks to Dave, Stewart, Carol, Tom, Ben and others marshalling on the course; and to Ken and Graham on the start/finish line.
The next Junior League Race is also the Championship, at Ben Lomond on May 7th.
Roger Rees
Anna Hedley FAC 10.34s
Isla Hedley FAC 12.48
Holly Hobbs Moorfoot 13.47
Freya Hedley FAC 14.13
Catherine Booth FAC 17.38
Tasha Myles Strathearn H 18.14

Struan Bennet Unattached 10.28s
Liam Wyse FAC 12.40
Guillem Penacchio FAC 13.08
Marti Penacchio FAC 13.09
Ian Alexander Strathearn H 15.18

Beth Hobbs Moorfoot 17.21
Hannah McGeehan Inverclyde 17.57
Grace Booth FAC 20.56
Leah Cameron Inverclyde 20.58

Iain McWhinnie FAC 14.39
Gavin McWhinnie FAC 14.50
Ethan Elder Moorfoot 15.42
Colin McKie Anster Haddies 16.03
Owen Keddie FAC 16.09
Duthac Mardon Strathearn H 16.49
Josh Law Inverclyde 17.00
Christopher Watson-Sweeny Giffnock North 17.44
Andrew Winter Inverclyde 17.50
Ross Wyse FAC 18.20
Ross Davidson Inverclyde 18.24
Lewis Hainey Inverclyde 20.04
Mackenzie Howe FAC 21.20
Alexander Smith FAC 26.53

Mairi Wallace Moorfoot 34.06
Nuala McCheyne Inverclyde 35.22
Cliona McCheyne Inverclyde 36.47
Jennifer Lyne Inverclyde 42.58

George Rees FAC 29.19
Craig Morris FAC 33.46
David Alexander Strathearn H 34.52

Ailsa Cruikshanks FAC 55.44

Oliver Watson-Sweeney Giffnock North 49.44

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